1995 - Durkheim: Social Facts as Memes? - unpublished but may be of some interest to visitors to this website.

1996 - Human design methods - a paper written jointly with Kate's husband, Dr Keith Distin, and presented at a conference organised by Christians in Science at the University Chaplaincy Centre Birmingham. Christians in Science is a professional Christian group for all who are concerned about science/faith issues; it produces a biannual journal, Science and Christian Belief, and holds an annual conference. In 1996 the conference theme was Design in Nature?

1997 - Cultural evolution - the meme hypothesis - a paper presented at a conference organised by the Christ and the Cosmos Initiative at Westminster College, Oxford: 'Evolution, or How did we get here?'

1998 - How teachers fail our brightest children - The Daily Telegaph, August 12th 1998. This article about gifted children sprang from work Kate was doing at the time as a volunteer counsellor for the National Association for Gifted Children, a national charity that exists to support gifted children and their families and to raise awareness of their needs.

1999 - Interfaith issues in Religious Education: a response to Lat Blaylock - REsource 21 (3):16-18. REsource is the magazine for the Professional Council for Religious Education, the subject teacher association for RE professionals.

2005 - The Selfish Meme: A Critical Reassessment - Cambridge University Press.

2006 - Gifted Children: A Guide for Parents and Professionals - Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Kate has edited this book about the needs of gifted children and their families. It is co-written by a group of people who were for many years counsellors for the NAGC in Britain.

2006 - Nurturing Beautiful Minds - The Daily Telegraph, June 14th 2006: an article related to the book, "Gifted Children".

2006 - Fame! Money! Power! - Think: Philosophy for Everyone, Issue 13, Summer 2006: a general introduction to memes.

2007 - Bright Sparks - Nursery World, January 4th 2007: a brief guide, for parents and Early Years practitioners, to the needs of very young gifted children.

2007 - Helping teachers idenitify the gifted in their class, Prep School Magazine, No. 58, Spring 2007: an article, for teachers, about identifying and meeting the needs of gifted pupils aged 4-11.

2010 - Cultural Evolution - Cambridge University Press

2012 - Symbolically Generalized Communication Media: A Category Mistake - Constructivist Foundations 8(1)

2014 - Foreword to the Chinese Edition of 'The Selfish Meme' - Cambridge University Press and Beijing World Publishing Corporation

2015 - The Origins of Culture by Means of Natural and Artefactual Languages - in Barbora Půta and Václav Soupkup (eds), 'The Genesis of Creativity and the Origin of the Human Mind', Karolinum Press

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